True Forex Funds (TFF) Review: One of the best prop firms? (2024)

True Forex Funds prop firm or TFF is a Forex prop firm based in Hungary and offering funded accounts since 2021. Despite having around 3 years of experience, the firm has a very high score on the FPA, which is quite rare in the prop firm space. The firm is also regulated by Hungarian authorities and offers trading services directly to traders without partner brokers or 3rd parties. Spreads are low, fees are competitive, and funding options are diverse ranging from 10k to 200k, and 2.5 million USD with a scaling plan. Payouts are processed automatically twice per week within 24 hours.

Since the firm seems this good from the FPA comments and website, we decided to take a closer look at TFF. In our True Forex Funds review, we will focus on the crucial points about the prop firm and define whether it is reliable or not.

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Pros & cons of True Forex Funds prop firm

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  • Ability to withdraw with $0 fees
  • Offers access to MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
  • Fast and digital account opening/verification
  • Offers diverse trading assets including Forex, indices, commodities, cryptos, and stocks
  • Offers access to 40 Forex pairs with spreads from 0 pips
  • Payouts are available twice per week
  • High profit split at 80%
  • Most payment options are free and instant

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  • Only the English language is supported

Quick rating of True Forex Funds and its features

FPA Score4.734 (46 reviews)
Year founded2021
HeadquartersGyőr, Hungary
Minimum audition fee89 GBP
Fees on withdrawalsNone
Minimum funded amount10,000 USD
Maximum funded amount2,500,000 USD
Allowed daily loss3-5%
Profit target8-10%
Maximum trailing drawdown6-10%
Profit sharing (Payouts)80%
Trading PlatformsMT4, MT5
Available trading marketsForex, indices, commodities, cryptos, stocks

Safety of True Forex Funds – 5

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True Forex Funds reviews are excellent on the FPA and the firm is rated with a 4.734 score from 47 reviewers. Having this exceptional score on the FPA is a strong indication that the firm is legit and reliable and can be used for funded trading. The firm has been around since 2021 giving it about 3 years of experience in the industry. All trading services are offered through liquidity providers and not a partner broker. The firm does not use any broker and offers all trading services themselves. The firm is regulated by Hungarian authorities, making it a regulated broker and prop firm at the same time.

The firm gets a 5 score in this section.

TFF Funding and maximum capital allocation – 4

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TFF, True Forex Funds offers four funded account types One Phase Funding, Two Phase Funding, Quick Funding, and Timeless Funding. Minimum and maximum funding ranges from 10,000 USD to 200,000 USD or equivalent in any base currency. There are three base currencies USD, EUR, and GBP and traders can select any of these currencies during signing up.

True Forex Funds scaling plan can be activated every 90 days if the trader generates at least 8% profits and makes at least 3 withdrawals. The initial deposit is increased by 25% every time the scaling plan is activated, and the maximum trading balance using the scaling plan is capped at 2.5 million USD. So, if a trader starts on the 100k account and increases their balance every 90 days, they can reach 2.5 million in approximately 4 years.

TFF scaling plan is automatic and adds funds to the account once the trader meets all criteria mentioned above, and new adjusted loss limits are applied automatically.

The firm gets a 4 score in this section for offering diverse funding options.

True Forex Funds Assets – 4.5

TFF trading assets are very diverse, from FX pairs to stocks. The exact list of assets includes Forex pairs, indices, commodities, cryptos, and stocks. Traders can speculate on 40 different currency pairs, 13 indices, around 8 commodities including metals and energies, over 30 popular stocks, and 28 cryptos. Digital currency markets are open 7 days a week and the firm allows traders to trade cryptos 24/7. All the instruments offered for trading are in the form of CFDs, meaning traders can instantly go short or long on any asset without issues or time delays. This is especially advantageous for crypto enthusiasts, as cryptos are known for their network approval delays.

As for the leverage system:

  • Forex, indices, metals, energies – 1:100
  • Stocks – 1:10
  • Cryptos – 1:5

As a result, True Forex Funds gets a 4.5 score in the assets department.

True Forex Funds Trading rules and limitations – 2.7

The rules at TFF are in line with industry standards. One Phase Funding Challenge rules are as follows:

  • Profit target – 10%
  • Minimum trading days – 5 days
  • Maximum daily loss limit – 3%
  • Maximum all-time loss limit – 6%
  • Deadline for achieving goals – 30 days

The rules are slightly different for a Two-Phase challenge:

  • Profit target – 8%
  • Minimum trading days – 0 days
  • Maximum daily loss limit – 5%
  • Maximum all-time loss limit – 10%
  • Deadline for achieving goals – No time limits

Once the trader completes the challenge phase and becomes a funded trader there is no profit target, minimum trading days, and maximum trading days, only maximum daily loss and all-time loss limits.

News trading, copy trading, holding positions over the weekends, and overnight trading are all welcomed by the TFF firm.

It is prohibited to change the MetaTrader 4 password and will immediately end in account suspension.

Hedging is allowed and traders are free to use scalping, day trading, or swing trading without restrictions. There are no lot size limitations, enabling traders to freely trade anything with any lot size they think is appropriate. EAs are allowed as the firm tries to eliminate all restrictions and allow traders to fully employ their trading strategies.

The firm gets a 2.7 score in this section.

True Forex Funds Fees – 4

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The minimum one-time fee for the One Phase challenge starts at 89 GBP. The exact list of fees for 1 phase accounts is as follows:

  • Funded amount: 10,000 USD – One-time fee: 89 GBP
  • 25,000 USD – 189 GBP
  • 50,000 USD – 299 GBP
  • 100,000 USD – 499 GBP
  • 200,000 USD – 998 GBP

The fees for other account types such as 2-phase evaluation accounts are exactly the same as the 1-phase accounts.

The firm is able to offer raw spreads from 0 pips and low spreads on other assets. This is because it receives price data feed from the liquidity providers without using any broker.

True Forex Funds free repeat is not available, but traders can receive refunds after completion or before placing the first trade on the account.

True Forex Funds free trial is not also offered as the firm has competitive pricing from 89 GBP.

TFF gets a 4 score in this section, losing 1 point for not offering discounts and sales at the moment.

True Forex Funds Platforms – 5

The firm offers wildly popular advanced platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. These platforms offer diverse functionality, including a multitude of inbuilt indicators and chart analysis tools. Platforms’ server time is GMT+4. Both platforms support automated trading or Expert Advisors (EAs).

The firm gets a 5 score in this section.

True Forex Funds Profit-Sharing – 3

True Forex Funds profit split is 80% which is standard practice in the prop firm space. However, there are some firms offering up to 90% profit splits. Traders can withdraw 80% of profits twice per week after the minimum trading days have passed. The payout cycle begins after the trader places the first order on their funded live account. After 14 days from this first real trade, the cycle is activated. The payout date is visible from the dashboard, and all trades must be closed at the end of the day on the payout date.

The firm gets a 3 score in this section, losing 2 points for not offering a 90% profit split option.

Education and trading tools at True Forex Funds – 2

From educational resources, there is only one blog available that has a categories list to select topics and see articles. So, basically, this is educational material with a diverse range of articles covering both technical and fundamental analysis topics. There are no video tutorials, dedicated webinars, or trading courses.

Trader’s dashboard has built-in tools including trading objectives, historical outlook, timestamps, and constructive features. These plugins are helpful for funded traders as they can control and monitor every detail of their trading activities. All the information shown on the dashboard is derived from the trader’s account and presented in a user-friendly way.

The firm gets a 2 score in this section.

Customer Support at True Forex Funds – 2.4

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Customer support is available 24/5 From Monday to Friday, ensuring traders get help during trading hours at any time. There is an advanced live chat built into the website that offers email support, a help center, and live chat support. There is also an FAQ section inside the live chat plugin, which makes it a super helpful tool for traders. Email support and online forms are also available. Unfortunately, both the website and support are only provided in the English language. Numerous FPA comments and trader reviews indicate that the firm offers one of the best support in the prop firm space. Despite these positive comments, our methodology does not let us take these positive reviews into account when evaluating the firm’s support.

As a result, the firm gets a 2.4 score for not having phone support and for not providing support in multiple languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

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True Forex Funds (TFF) Review: One of the best prop firms? (2024)


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