The Perry County News from Tell City, Indiana (2024)

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The Perry County Newsi

Tell City, Indiana

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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

Paige 7 Week of Tuesday March 6 1990 thru Monday March 12 1990 SUNDAY to Eddie Murphy Arsenio Hall Murder She Wrote In Touch a College Basketball: Big West Tournament Championship Game Mamed With Open House Sign Off iff) CD i CNN Cardiology Internal Medic Milestones Milestones Women Who Kill TNT NICK Man" Dustin Hoffman Tom Cruise prostitutes Tom Berenger Billy Dee Williams 1984 Rated 8:00 PM 5 (2) MOVIE: 'Coming to (CC) An African prince journeys to the crime infested ghettos of New York City in search of a bride Eddie Murphy Arsenio Hall John Amos 1988 Rated R' (In Stereo) 8:00 PM 6 (12) 69 11 MUR DER SHE WROTE (CC) A fading mystery writer (Jean Simmons) who is jealous of Jessica's continued success becomes a prime murder suspect (60 min) Part 1 of 2 (R) (In Stereo) CD at 9:30 PM 12 (8) 03 23 (3) OPEN HOUSE (CC) The staff! tempts ito recoup Ted's gambling debts and save him from the ultimate humiliation Part 2 of 2 (R) (In Stereo) Melanie Griffith Harrison ord fc Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception 10:00 PM I 27 OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY UPDATE Topic: bac terial vaginosis (R) 9:00 PM 27 CARDIOLOGY UP DATE Topic: cholesterol in the low risk patient: (R) I Crazy Like a ox bports lomgnt Bewitched 'PattyDuke 8:00 PM 9 (9) NATURE (CC) The' Chieftains provide' musical back ground for this view of the Irish coun i tryside 'where abandoned dwellings now serve as homes for wildlife (65 min (in Stereo) I 8 00 PM 17 MOVIE: 'Working Girt' (CC) An opportunistic Staten Is land secretary moves up the ranks to i become a Wall Street whiz Melanie i Griffith Harrison ord Sigourney: i Weaver 1988 Rated (In Stereo) 8:00 PM 21 (4) MOVIE: 'So i A college professor becomes a suc cessful fashion designer by accident Ryan O'Neal Jack Warden Richard i Kiel 1981' 8:00 PM 22 MOVIE: 'Starman (CC) An alien and a young widow are pursued by government agents during a cross country journey to his mother ship Jeff Bridges Karen Allen Charles I Martin Smith i 19841 Rated PG (In Stereo) i 8:00 PM 27 PHYSICIANS' JOURNAL UPDATE iTopic: physi ciahs' attitudes toward 'AIDS patients (60 min) (R) i' 25 26JI272830 32 1(36' 19:00 PM T2 (8) CD 23 (3) CD MARRIED: WITH CHILDREN (CC) Whe Peggy wins a week of fitness 'training she changes her instructor's nediuiy Mduus irubipui icu i iui iimi tfdi ion Hrpmipre a 7 iter uawn in oieieu I (CC) Mason defends a Manne officer I apcused of murdering the Nazi who 9:00 PM 1 3 (1 1 AUTO RACING:) runiviuiM wive urvi i tu oiAito GRAND: PRIX rom Phoenix' Ariz (21 hrs (Same day Tape) Week in Review Equalizer 8:00 PM 28 ONE WORLD Host Yue Sai Kan visits Rome Woburn Ab i bey in England and Egypt: (60 min) 1 8:00 PM 32 MOVIE: 'Warpath' A man seeks vengeance against three! I bank robbers responsible for the death I of jhis fiancee: Edmond O'Brien Dean Jagger Polly Bergen: 1951 I I "li 8:30 PM 4 (7) 8 ELVIS (CC) Elvis overextends himself by buy i ing a used Cadillac for his mother (In Stereo) 8:30 PM 7 (6) AMERICAN SNAPSHOTS Scheduled: Jean De Master director of Portland "Home leqs" projects mountain climber Rod Hardy author professor Robert Kelley 8:30 PM 12 (8) CD 23 (3) CD SIMPSONS (CC) Homer discovers that families can get along when the Simpsons attend the company picnic1 (R) (In Stereo)! i 19QNBC 21 (4)WGN 22 MAX News Monsters 5 (2)HB0 6 (12) 7 (6) CBN 8 (9) O101(5) 11 12 (8) CD13(11)ESN (13)USA LIE TDC TNN fr Ryan O'Neal Jack Warden Jeff Bridges Karen Allen Most Wanted Simpsons Newswatch Sports Sunday PriijpeNews and Rain" Charles Haid Angie Dickinson Oceans Home Videos Nature John Osteen News Nature ol Things American Sports Cavalcade World of Audubon Insp Gadget Looney Tunes True Believer Mach Night Muc Public PeoplePrivate Lives Star SearciT Edge of Sanity te Virgin Spring" Max von Sydow Birgitta Valberg Sat Night Live Laugh ln Physicians' Journal Update One World 1 Performance Amer Snaosh Elvis amily Prac Blue Revo ution Iq isherm an Bassmasters WorldReport Hollywd Inside Paid Program Self Improvement Guide One World Truck Power Hidden Heroes Queen Christina Improvement Marketing News ear City Tracey Ullman Shandling CNN Newt Diamonds: OBGyn Her Alibi 60 Minutes Rin Tin Tin and Lite Goes On Great Austin City Limits Magical World of Disney 60 Minutes Murder She Wrote Booker Most Wanted Simpsons 17 SHO The In Crowd Magical World of Disney Velvet Seems Like Old Times Booker Inside Racina iBill Dance Edmond O'Brien Dean Jagger 'j My Three Sons Green Acres 0n Television 1000PM 28 BLUE REVOLU 1 0:00 PM 22 MOVIE: ear City' TION Examines the history of the A psychopathic killer takes to the cargo ship! from the graceful clippers streets of Manhattan and systemati to today's tankers (60 cally begins stalking strippers and I ibrOOPM 30 IN ISHERMAN ANGLING (ADVENTURE eatured: fishing for rpservoir smallmouth bass steelhead on flies buzz bait pike tech niques (R) (In Stereo) 1 News Paid Program News Good Neighbrs News News Arsenio Hal! SportsCenter One Cooks the Other Winning Walk Larry Jones Byron Allen Mystery! M'A'S'H Newhart i Inside Business Miami Vice Orthopaedic Internal Medic Wings Speed Beauty Truckin' USA i Sign Off Entertainment This Week alcon Crest Remote Control ffolkes" College Basketball People's Choice Awards JBen Haded Ankerberg Women of Brewster Oprah Winfrey Jackee rom Day to the Rhine With Bill Moyers Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception People Choice Awards i Married With Open House Tracey Ullrpan Shandling Auto Racing: ormula One United States Grjnd Prix Disorganized Crime 8:30 PM 30 PERORMANCE PLUS eatured: Super Chevy Sunday: tire technology gas cell shock absor heirs (In Stereo) I 9:00 PM 2 (10) NATIONAL GEO GRAPHIC EXPLORER eatured: Ja pan's surviving kamikaze pilots: stingrays Australia's kookaburra: birds Wodaabe people celebrate life in the Turkish village of Senpinar (2' hrs ir Ti 9:00 PM 4 (7) 8 69 MOVIE Women of Brewster Place' (CC) Glpria Naylor's novel inspired this mul tigenerational story of the lives of sev er' black women who caN an inner city tenement home (Oprah Winfrey Jackee Cicely Tyson 1989 Part 1 of 2j (R) (In Stereo) hl PM 6 (G) 03 11 iD PEO PJ CHOICE AWARDS (CC) rom Universal Studios in Universal City: Calif: the 16th annpal awards cere rrjony honoring the public's favorites in television motion pictures and music! Hosts Valerie Harper Barbara Man drell and red Sayage (2 hrs) (In Stereo Live) I i 9:00 PM 101 (51 CD (191 fl MljVIr' Porrv Tka nf trie UfisnAratP PromiprA 1 viaoui I UC I I (J di I apcused of murdering the Nazi who abused his mother during Worlql War II Rlaymopd Burr Marcy Walker Yvette Mimieux 1990 (In Stereo) i' SUNDAY MORNING 1 1 i i 1 MARCH 1 1 I' 7:00 I 7:30 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 9:30 10:00 i I 10:30 I 11:00 I 11:30 I 12:00 I 12:30 2 (10)TBS Tom Jerry's unhouse lintstones lintstones Brady Bunch Andy Griffith Good News "Midway" Chartton Heston Henry onda 3 MTV Video Disc Jockey I Video Disc Jockey i 1 Kevin Seal Top 20 Video Countdown I 4 (7) Charles Charge Bitual: Jewish Life I iWoridTom Schwambach Oral Roberts Robert Schuller Business World This Week With David Brinkley Health Show5 (2)HB0 Dally Quackbusters Babarf affner Hall Rebecca DeMomay Mary Gross Buy Me That Boxing: Mike Tyson vs James "Buster" Douglas Mmories Me 6 (12) Ag Weekend Tri State orum Western Theatre Sunday Morning 1 Open House Lafry Jones 1 Wheels Deals NBA Basketball 7 (6) CBN James Kennedy Swiss amily Gerbert Little Clowns Get Along Pole Position? Starcom Bonanza: The Lost Episodes The Virginian 8 Zion Baptist Divine Plan Jimmy Swaggart Baptist Church I Catholic Mass Kentuckiana Sunday 1 This Week With David Brinkley Siskel Ebert 9 (9) Qi 1 Sesame Street Sesame Street Sesame Street SundayMassi VoyageMimi World of Ideas Bookmark 10 (5) 'T I Dimension Kenneth Copeland 1 Restoration Van Hoose Sunday Today Meet the Press New Lassie Snakmaster 11 Kenneth Copeland Robert Schuller Sunday Morning i I Dr Dean Eden Walnut Street Baptist Worship 4 NBA Basketball (121(8) Dr James Kennedy In Toich Water Sports Lose Weight Couaina" Elvis PreMay Pamela Austin ollow the Boya 13(11)ESN SportsCenter Bodyshaping Muscle Mag Workout Inside PGA Sportraits Sports America Week in Sports Spa Reporter: Gameday Basketball: MAC Champ 17 SHO Peter No Tail in America "Aladdin" Bud Spencer Luca VenantW I Henry's Dec I Biggies: Adventures In lime Man Who Shot Uberty Valance 19QNBC Oral Roberts Am Telecast Sunday Today Urban Insight Lifecnoices 1 High Star Trek I Homes Natural White 21 (4)WGN Kennedy Robert Schuller 1 Heritage aith Sunday Mass Beaver Star Search i In Rsherman Angling Adventure Chapter Two 22 MAX "Caddyshack Jackie Mason Dyan Cannon Jef Bridges Karen Aen The Diary of Anne rank 23(3) CB i Jerry alwell James Kennedy Alton Davis Media Arts Am Tete Sync Research College Basketball 25 CNN Daybreak Big Story Daybreak Evans Novak Daywatch Your Money Newsmaker Sunday Sportsweek Newsday Science Tech 26 (13)USA Calliope Cartoon Express Mr Magoo Popeye Son Cartoon Exp Jem He Man All American Wrestling 27 LIE Self Improvement Guide World Tom Improvement Physicians' Journal Update amily Pracr Internal Media Cardiology OBGyn Journal Update 28 TDC I Women World Deaf Mosaic American Medical Television Sporting Life Outdoor Lite 30 TNN I Hidden Heroes Inside Racing Truckin' USA Truck Power Speed Beauty Rodeo: Prairie inals lo isherman 32 TNT raggleRock raggle Rock Popeye Bugs Bunny Pals the West Was Won" George Peppard Oebbte Reynolds 36 NICK Little Koala Dr Snuggles Kids' Court Heathcliff Looney Tunes ToM Panic 1 Dermis Menace Count Duckula Insp Gadget SUNDAY ATERNOON I MARCH 1 1 I 1:00 I 1:30 I 2:00 I 2:30 I 3:00 I 3:30 I 4:00 I 4:30 I 5:00 I 5:30 6:00 I 6:30 2 (10)TBS Midway George Scott Kart Malden 1 NWA Main Event Wrestling 3 MTV Week in Rock Just Say Julie Ben Stiller Video Disc Jockey lit Video Disc Jockey Week in Rock 4 (7) Tri State Coach Pitino College Basketball: Illinois at Indiana or Iowa at Michigan College Basketball: SEC Champ Game ABC News Mama's amily 5 (2)HB0 of Me" Billy Crystal Alan King Ted Danson Isabella Rossellini The Image Her Alibi 6 (12) NBA Basketball: Lakers at Hawks College Basketball: Big East Tournament Championship 1 Olympic Winterfest: Albertville NCAA Pairings CBS News News 7 (6) CBN The Virginian Rifleman Wagon Train Big Valley I Gunsmoke A Bonanza: The Lost Episodes Bordertown Zorro 8 Ready to Quit Supersports' College Basketball: Illinois at Indiana or Iowa at Michigan College Basketball: SEC Champ Game News ABC News 9 (9) Indiana in Advisors The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 1 Sesame Street Special Our Neighbor red Rogers Great Austin City Limits 10(5) College Basketball: ACC Championship PGA Golf: Honda Classic inal Round 'i Dimension NBC News NBA Basketball: Lakers at Hawks I College Basketball: Big East Tournament Championship Olympic Winterfest AlbertviHe NCAA Pairings CBS News News 12 (8) ollow the Boys Row" Nick Nolte Debra Winger' I I Gene Hackman Matt Dillon War of the Worlds 13(11)ESN Basketball: MAC Champ Billiards: Mizerak vs Johnson Diving: Pac 10 Championship College Basketball: Big 8 or SWC Championship 1 NCAAToum SportsCenter 17 SHO Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Kevin Kline Scott Glenn I I Robby Rosa Rodney Harvey The In Crowd 1 1 9 QNBC College Basketball: ACC Championship PGA Golf: Honda Classic inl Round News NBC News 21 (4)WGN Chapter Two Twilight Zone Preseason Baseball: Chicago Cubs vs Seattle Mariners Velvet 22 MAX The Diary of Anne rank Gregory Peck Joan Collins Max Movie I John Travqtta Arye Gross Seems Like Old Times 23(3) CD College Basketball Bobby Knight Paid Program The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2 I Secret Identity Gimme a Break Out of World amily Ties 25 CNN Newsday Moneyweek Week in Review World Report Newswatch Newsmaker NBA Week Inside Business 26 (13)USA Miami Vice Tennis: Champions Cup A Hitchco*ck A Hitchco*ck Murder She Wrote 27 LIE Internal Medic Orthopaedic amily Prac Cardiology Physicians' Journal Update amily Pracj Gallstones Cardiology Rheumatology Internal Medic Endometriosis 28 TDC Challenge Beyond 2000 Safari I 1 Vietnam I Survival! Hollywd Chron Bill Burrud's Animal Odyssey 30 TNN Bassmasters Hank Parker Bill Dance Hidden Heroes American Sports Cavalcade i Performance Inside Racing Speed Beauty Truckin' USA Road Test 32 TNT the Women" Robert Taylor Denise Parcel I The Secret Life of Ian leming Portrait of America 36 NICKLassie Heathcliff Briar Rose Paper Route Pop Warner ootball Superbowl on TV Out of Control Mr Wizard Dennis Menace Hey Dude Mister Ed SUNDAY EVENING I i ii I MARCH 1 1 I 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 9:00 I 1 9:30 I 10:00 I 10:30 I 11:00 11:30 I 1200 12:30 2 (10)TBS Battje of the Commandos 4 National Geographic Explorer i I uture Watch Lose Weight Beauty B'thru World Tom 3 1 MTV Video Disc Jockey Erxc Clapton Rockumentary Unplugged 120 Minutes I i 4 (7) LfeGoesOn HomeVideos Elvis Women of Brewster Place" Oprah Winfrey Jackee Cheers Byron Allen SUNDAY.

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