Prop Trading Firms Canada 2024 - (2024)

  • What Are Prop Trading Firms?
  • Our Top Prop Trading Firms Canada
  • Comparison Table of Canada Prop Trading Firms
  • Are There Prop Trading Firms in Canada?
  • How Is Proprietary Trading Regulated?
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In recent years, prop trading has become more and more popular due to the increase in online prop trading firms. Back in the day, you would have to spend years studying and attend a physical trading floor to start a career as a prop trader. With the recent boom in online trading, now anyone with an internet connection can signup with a prop firm and take part in an evaluation process to show them they have what it takes to manage their capital. In return, successful traders can get a share of any profits they make.

Prop Trading Firms Canada

What Are Prop Trading Firms?

Prop trading firms give funded account to traders who can consistently make money whilst using good money management principles. You will usually need to pass a prop firm challenge before they will let you trade for them, otherwise it would be too risky. This evaluation process gives you a chance to show them you are a skilled and talented trader that can make a profit whilst following strict rules.

If you pass the trading challenge without breaching any of the terms, they can give you a funded account to trade on in return for a share of the profits. This has made proprietary firms very popular in recent times, with aspiring prop traders of all experience levels trying to get funded accounts from prop firms. That being said, if you are one of them and have made it to this page, please see a selection of our top prop trading firms in Canada for some inspiration.

Prop Trading Firms Canada

Our Top Prop Trading Firms Canada

Editor choice 1 Prop Trading Firms Canada 2024 - (1)

OnlyFunds Review

OnlyFunds provide funded trading accounts with a large 90% profit share, along with straightforward and fair trading conditions to ensure a level playing field for all traders.


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Best seller 2

FTMO Review

FTMO is an award-winning prop trading firm where you can take part in challenges to qualify to trade the company’s capital and receive up to $2 million in funds and keep 90% of profits. The company provide you with support along the way and will even cover the losses.


Visit Website

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Best price 3 Prop Trading Firms Canada 2024 - (3)

The Funded Trader Review

The Funded Trader is a popular prop trading firm where aspiring traders can potentially unlock up to $600k accounts to become professional traders and earn a 90% share of the profits.


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4 Prop Trading Firms Canada 2024 - (4)

SurgeTrader Review

SurgeTrader accelerates your path to becoming a professional trader by putting real capital into live accounts for you to trade. They have a good variety of funded trader programs where you can keep up to 90% of the profits if you successfully pass the audition phase and scale up to $500K.


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5 Prop Trading Firms Canada 2024 - (5)

The 5%ers Review

The 5%ers give instant funding to successful traders. You can choose from various trading programs to show them you have what it takes to trade their capital up to $4 million and keep 50% of profits.


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6 Prop Trading Firms Canada 2024 - (6)

Topstep Review

For retail traders, Topstep is the one of the best funded account options. Their objective is to provide a secure environment where traders may turn their passion into a profession and securely participate in and earn from the financial markets. Topstep look to produce better traders, with healthier habits, through learning by doing. Trade up to $150,000 in capital and share 90% of profits.


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Prop Trading Firms Canada

Comparison Table of Canada Prop Trading Firms

Prop Trading Firms Canada

Are There Prop Trading Firms in Canada?

Yes, there are prop firm in Canada which operate in a traditional manner. These “brick and mortar” operations are known as “prop shops” that can hire employees who they teach to become competent traders for the firm. This is the old school way of doing things that is become more obsolete due to the surge in the popularity of online trading.

Nowadays, prop trading firms from all over the globe can take on Canadian traders, provided they are of legal age and are not imposing on any regulations. If you are located in Canada, you can use any prop firm that you want to. You won’t need to attend courses or even leave your house to take part in trading challenges and earn yourself a funded account in the process.

Prop Trading Firms Canada

How Is Proprietary Trading Regulated?

It really depends on how the prop trading firm operates. If they are not trading on behalf of clients or managing funds, then they might not need to be regulated. You should always check with them and the rules in your country to make sure that the prop firm if legally providing services. In general, online prop trading firms are only providing a service and therefore do not need to be regulated.

That being said, it could be a wise idea to only use prop firms that partner with regulated brokers. This ensures that the broker must follow strict rules and procedures that have been put in place to protect traders and investors. It means funds should be segregated and safe, so that clients can focus on their trading strategies without worrying about things going wrong.

Prop Trading Firms Canada

Final Thoughts

If you want to make a career from trading the financial markets, then a prop firm in Canada can be a great solution. You can practice your trading strategies, improve your market knowledge and put your skills to the test, all from the comfort of your own home.

For a small upfront fee, a prop trading firm will let you participate in their trading challenge. Should you pass, then you can start trading on a funded account and get a share of any profits that you produce. Don’t worry if you are short on experience, the best prop firms will support you along your journey with educational resources and mentoring.

Prop Trading Firms Canada 2024 - (2024)


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