6 Best Defensive Badges In NBA 2K23 (2024)

Dominating on the court in NBA 2K23 isn’t just about fancy moves and scoring points. A strong defense is the key to shutting down your opponents and securing victories. But with so many defensive badges to choose from, where do you begin?

This guide narrows it down for you. We’ll spotlight the top 6 defensive badges impacting your NBA 2K23 game the most. Equipping these badges will transform your defense, making it tougher for opponents to drive past you, steal the ball, or score easy baskets.

Table of Contents

  • 6. Brick Wall
  • 5. Pogo Stick
  • 4. Glove
  • 3. Boxout Beast
  • 2. Challenger
  • 1. Anchor

6. Brick Wall

6 Best Defensive Badges In NBA 2K23 (1)

The Brick Wall badge significantly improves players’ ability to set screens and defend against post-ups. At the Hall of Fame level, the badge increases screen success to 66%, making it extremely difficult for opponents to dodge picks. Moreover, it also slows down post-backdowns, allowing defenders to stay in front of their opponents and contest shots more effectively.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Brick Wall badge is its ability to provide a high return on investment, even at lower levels. While the jump from Silver to Gold is significant, the badge still notably improves defensive capabilities at the Bronze and Silver levels. This makes it an attractive option for players who want to improve their defensive game without breaking the bank.

Its multi-purpose nature sets the Brick Wall badge apart from other defensive badges in NBA 2K23. It improves screen-setting and post-defense and increases the stamina drain on opponents, making it a valuable asset for defenders who find themselves in prolonged battles in the paint. Overall, the Brick Wall badge is a must-have for any player who takes their defensive responsibilities seriously, and its versatility makes it an excellent choice for players of all positions and playstyles.

5. Pogo Stick

6 Best Defensive Badges In NBA 2K23 (2)

The Pogo Stick allows you to quickly recover and return for another jump after landing. This can be especially useful after rebounds, block attempts, or jump shots. The badge also causes you to use adrenaline; if you use it multiple times in a row, you will run out of adrenaline.

When it comes to the numbers, the Pogo Stick badge gives you a speed increase per badge level when using adrenaline. The speed increase is consistent, but there is a big jump between the bronze and silver levels. Without adrenaline, the badge still provides a solid effect, with a consistent drop-off between levels. This means that even if you don’t have adrenaline, having the badge on gold or Hall of Fame level will still give you a good boost.

4. Glove

6 Best Defensive Badges In NBA 2K23 (3)

The Glove is a defensive badge in the NBA 2K game series that focuses on improving the player’s ability to strip the ball from opponents. This badge is highly valued for its effectiveness in preventing opponents from making successful dunks in the basket and its potential to create fast break opportunities by causing turnovers.

At the bronze level, the Glove badge boosts a player’s steal success rate, but it is significantly weakened when facing a defender with the Unpluggable badge. However, as the Glove badge is upgraded to silver and gold levels, the steal success rate increases dramatically, making it a formidable tool against uncontested and contested ball handlers.

3. Boxout Beast

6 Best Defensive Badges In NBA 2K23 (4)

The Boxout Beast badge combines the Boxout and Worm badges from previous years. It helps players to box out their opponents and grab rebounds more effectively. The badge has four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame. The badge doesn’t make a huge difference at the Bronze level, but as you upgrade to Silver, it becomes more effective in boxing out opponents and avoiding getting boxed out yourself.

When you have a Silver Boxout Beast badge, you’ll have an advantage over opponents with a lower-level badge. However, you must upgrade if you’re up against an opponent with a Gold or Hall of Fame badge. The Hall of Fame level is the most effective, making it difficult for opponents to box you out and grab rebounds.

The Boxout Beast badge is a useful defensive badge that can give you an edge in rebounding and defense. Upgrading to higher levels will significantly affect your gameplay, especially against opponents with similar badges.

2. Challenger

6 Best Defensive Badges In NBA 2K23 (5)

Timing is important if you’re defending contest shots; say, jumping early can help the opponent change his winning strategy, and jumping late is not important as the opponent has already dunked the ball in the basket. This badge is a recent addition to the game that focuses on defending the basket.

The Challenger badge is designed to improve the effectiveness of well-timed contests against perimeter shooters. This badge is a must-have for any player looking to play defense, as it significantly decreases the make percentage of offensive players when affected. Although the badge does not increase the defender’s contest percentage, it has been shown to improve the overall effectiveness of perimeter contests.

1. Anchor

6 Best Defensive Badges In NBA 2K23 (6)

The Anchor badge is one of the most powerful defensive badges in NBA 2K23. It helps you block shots from anywhere on the court, especially useful for protecting the rim and contesting shots in the paint. As you level up the badge, you’ll see a significant increase in your block animations and ability to defend against opponents.

Without the badge, opponents have a high make percentage, but with the badge, that percentage drops significantly. The make percentage drops to 2% at the Hall of Fame level! This means that having the Anchor badge can be a game-changer for your defense. Overall, this badge effectively blocks shots and protects the rim. If you can get the badge to Hall of Fame level, you’ll see the biggest benefits and easily shut down opponents.

6 Best Defensive Badges In NBA 2K23 (2024)


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